Music at St Nicolas

St Nicolas Choir

There has been a choir at St Nicolas for over 100 years.  The regular choir ceased to exist towards the end of the twentieth century, but a 'Christmas choir' continued for many years under the direction of Mary Rose Seldon, who was organist until her death in 2016. The choir was re-established by Julia and Peter Stutfield in January 2017 with the aim of singing half a dozen services or concerts per year. Singers sign up for individual projects and there is no pressure to do every single one throughout the year.  New members are always welcome and anyone interested in joining the choir should contact us for more information.

The Organ

The organ at St Nicolas is a single manual (56 keys, low C to high G3), with tracker action, straight pedal board (30 keys, low C to high F1) and latch swell pedal.  Built by Charles Martin in 1883.

Stops (all full range):

Pedal: 16' Bourdon

Great: 8' Open Diapason, Stopped Diapason, Gamba, Voix Celeste
            4' Flute, Principal
            2' Fifteenth

Coupler: Great to Pedal